Can I have any size or style?

Yes. We will build your office to your specification. Size and style are completely flexible, for example of different styles we have designed for clients click here.

Can I move my building?

Yes. Our buildings are capable of being moved (although you may find the purchaser is quite keen to include it in the deal.) If you know you are moving let us know at design stage.

How long will it take?

Usually 6-10 weeks from when you place your order to installation. This will depend on volume of orders and the complexity of the build.

How much does it cost?

All our buildings are individually priced. A price guide is available here. Please call or email for a personalised quote or for more information.

Can you come and see me?

Yes. A home visit will often answer all your questions and help in the ultimate design. We charge an initial fee of £295.00 +VAT for a visit which is refundable on order.

Will I need a base?

Yes. All our buildings are truly BUILT structures, and as such, require proper foundations. We will either specify the base required to your own builder or organise a builder on your behalf.

What do I do now?

If you would like us to prepare an initial quote and specification, please call or email us with details of your proposed building or to arrange a home visit.

Will I need an electrician?

Yes. We will either use your own electrician or we will organise an electricain on your behalf.

Will I need planning permission?

In most situations our buildings can be installed without any planning implications, providing the following simple rules are complied with: Don’t site your building between your house and the highway, It must not occupy more than half of your garden and make sure it is sited at least 5 metres (16ft 6ins) from your house. If you live in a listed building or in a conservation area you should consult us about planning considerations but don’t be worried about planning permission - we have lots of experience. We retain the services of an experienced architect. We can handle every aspect of your planning application from; drawings and site plans to completing the application and seeing it through to permission. We currently have a 100% track record in obtaining planning permission for our clients.

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